Self Storage Units Chesterfield – Company Launches New Service 2019

There’s an exciting new business in Grassmoor called GoStore Self Storage Chesterfield that’s offering incredible personal and business self-storage for anyone in the area. We’re going to go into what it is, and why you guys in Crookes might be interested in it.

How does self storage work?

Self storage is used when you have no more room, or simply don’t want to store things in your own home or garden. They can be used for personal use, or for businesses. You may even want to run your online business from a self storage unit, as it allows for easy shipments and organisation of packages. It is a good option for people moving abroad, or those who simply want to sell their house and down size to a smaller property.

To use self storage, you book your unit for a number of weeks / months / years, then you arrive at the location and off load your things. The unit will then be locked by you, and you will have a key to come and go as you please. Many storage units will have set opening times, and out of ours visits can most likely be arranged on appointment.

If you’re more interested in the industry itself, you can see this article:

How much does self storage cost?

The cost of self storage will usually start at around £10 per week, or £40 per month. However if you shop around for local self storage deals you may be able to find a better price.

Can you live in a self storage unit?

No you can’t live in a self storage unit because of the lack of facilities and the fact it breaks the fire regulations of the building.

Where abouts in Chesterfield?

Self storage unit situated in the Grassmoor area of Chesterfield

The Grassmoor area of Chesterfield is slightly south of the city centre, within easy reach of the majority of Chesterfield residents. The location itself has a large parking and loading area, offering plenty of space for many people to use it at once. There are security cameras, alarms, and a large security fence to keep out intruders.

Company Details

You can find out more about Go Store in Chesterfield below:

GoStore Self Storage Chesterfield
115 N Wingfield Rd, Grassmoor, Chesterfield S42 5EB
01246 855551
9am – 5pm Mon – Fri
9am – 12pm Sat
Company number 10883350

Here are the directions from Crookes: